If you haven't been to Vigonovo yet, you're missing out on some truly authentic Italian food in Kuwait. With freshly made Gnocchi's, truffle showers as needed and the freshest Burrata I've ever had, Vigonovo is a dining concept that should not be missed.

Tap x Vigonovo: Business of the Month

Marco Fiorot and his team has done an amazing job bringing a piece of Italy to Kuwait! Visiting the restaurant goes beyond eating some delicious pasta, their team of servers have cultivated an entire experience of fun, friendly and incredibly Italian at the restaurant. Just taking a look at their Instagram account, gives you a peek into the culture and gives you major FOMO if you haven't been there yet.

So we decided to sit with the charming Marco, the head chef and founder of Vigonovo, to talk about the restaurant and his experience setting up a restaurant in Kuwait.

Tell us about Vigonovo? What was the inspiration behind opening an Italian restaurant in Kuwait?

5 years ago, I could hardly have imagined that I’d be opening a restaurant in Kuwait. I was working at a coffee shop initially, and slowly I decided I’ll stay and do something of my own. Back then, there were no other good Italian restaurants that represented my region in Italy. Italy is quite big and the food of each region differs greatly. That’s how I ended up opening Vigonovo, named after my hometown in North east Venice, Italy. I prepared a menu that gave me the opportunity to represent my country. Through my my menu, you can get to know where I come from, what my region is like. It may just look like a bowl of pasta, but it's so much more.

What challenges did you face when you first set up Vigonovo?

I would never have been able to open Vigonovo myself. Starting from the regulations, Kuwait has a very different system compared to Italy. Even the language barrier was a big deal since when I first came to Kuwait I could not speak much English, and obviously I couldn’t speak much Arabic as well. So it’s been really complicated. Thank God for all the people that supported me and helped me make my dream come true.

What do you think sets you apart from the other Italian restaurants in Kuwait?

I believe that your business represents your personality. It’s not only about food, it’s about the energy that you breathe and the positivity in the air. Everyone is happy, everyone loves what they’re doing. This is the key to my restaurant and what sets us apart.

What made you choose goCollect to send bills and collect payments?

I chose goCollect on the recommendation of my friend, Chef Mimi of Tampopo restaurant. About 3 years ago, she told me to use this application- goCollect-to share bills on Whatsapp without changing the platform of communication between you and your customer. goCollect is great for our parallel activities as well such as when we organize pop-ups, when we go to a house for catering and even sometimes when the KNET machine is down in the restaurant. It’s been really useful!

What is the one reason why you would recommend Tap to others?

I would definitely recommend Tap to others because at the end of the day, you’re moving money and you need to feel safe about it. Tap provides that extra level of security you need. Tap also has a great customer support team!

Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future or is there anything else we should know about Vigonovo?

Yes, there is a lot going on. Let’s just say that the Vigonovo family is getting bigger and bigger.

What advice do you have for those looking to start their own restaurant in Kuwait?

My advice for those looking to open a restaurant in Kuwait or anywhere else is just do it. Do it, go for it. It’s the most beautiful thing in life! Just on one condition, you have to love it, you have to be passionate about it. You have to give it your all! This is what is going to make the difference.

If you'd like to visit Vigonovo, they're located at Al Khaleejia towers in Kuwait city between 6pm- 11pm. They're open on all days except Sunday. You can reserve seats between 2pm- 12 pm by calling +965 55520134 which we'd definitely recommend.